For Missionaries Wishing To Present

During each evening of the conference, there will be 2 missionaries give a brief presentation. 

Please read the below and fill out the form if you are feeling led to do so! 


What To Expect

Before the conference, we have 2 “get-togethers”. A men's breakfast and a woman's morning coffee. The details of this (when and where) will be found HERE, once available. 

There will be a special pre-event meeting for those directly involved with the event, and this information will be sent to you if your application is approved.

Event dates can be found HERE, and the venue HERE.

The conference takes place during the evenings, and we ask missionaries and agency reps to arrive in advance.  To give you an idea of how the evenings are structured, see the tentative schedule HERE.

Registration & Costs

Registration & Costs - As Attendees

If you are simply wanting to attend, there is no registration required, and there is no charge to attend!

Registration & Costs - As Missionary Presenters

We are thrilled that you wish to present the good work that you do in expanding God's kingdom!

Basic Info:

Presentation to include

Each request to present will be reviewed by the Conference Board in the following monthly meeting.

Preference will be given to those who meet all/or as many of the criteria below:

The conference provides several key opportunities for missionaries: 

A) Exposure in the local Christian community.

B) To meet those who pray for missions.

C) To inform and impact our Christian youth for ministry. 

D) To present a small, one-time project that people can pray for and give towards financially.

Therefore, it is expected that the visiting missionaries would make an effort to meet local believers, build relationships in the area, and be in attendance all four evenings.


As mentioned above, there is no charge to attend the conference and no cost for agencies to promote. We go into each conference by faith, trusting that God will provide. Since its inception, the conference has always seen God provide, as God’s people give, often sacrificially, their time, talents, and treasure to missionary endeavors. Because of this, we are unable to pay travel expenses for any missionaries or agency reps.

Each night of the conference we have an offering, and at the end of the conference, once all the offering money is collected and expenses are paid, the remaining offering is divided up between the missionary projects, leaving a small amount in the bank account to cover expenses until the next year (usually $100 - $200). 

As a guideline, missionary projects should not exceed $3000. The conference board does not and cannot guarantee any set amount will be raised.

The WMC requires project money to be channeled through a registered mission agency that will provide accountability as required by Canadian charitable law.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Food & Accommodations

Waldheim is a small community in Central Saskatchewan with approximately 1000 inhabitants.

Although there is a coffee house and restaurant in Waldheim, there are no hotels in the community. The closest towns with hotels and other restaurants are Rosthern (28 km away), Blaine Lake (36 km away), Martensville (38 km away), Warman (41 km away), and Saskatoon (54 km away).

Conference Focus & Goal

From the outset, the conference has been intended and designed to encourage, to support, and to send missionaries who are from the Sask Valley area (between the North & South Saskatchewan rivers, from Saskatoon in the South up to Prince Albert in the North).

You can see our Mission & Vision HERE.

Apply Now!

Applications are closed at this time. If you are around next summer and would like to present, be sure to SUBSCRIBE and you will get notified once applications are open.